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<div class="news_item">#455<div class="news_title">Play-framework: Cannot find any HTTP Request here

Posted by dandriff on Tuesday August 28, 2012@05:34PM

With play 2.0.3 I kept getting "Cannot find any HTTP Request here" with the following Action composition:

 def foo[A](i: Int)(implicit request: Request[A]): Baz = {

I found the Play Request docs, which list the class annotations as:
 @implicitNotFound( "Cannot find any HTTP Request here" )

But this ended up not being useful information.

Ultimately StackOverflow helped me find a solution to this problem. This error was fixed by changing 'Request[A]' to instead use the type 'RequestHeader'.


 import play.api.mvc.RequestHeader


 def foo(i: Int)(implicit request: RequestHeader): Baz = {

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