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<div class="news_item">#431<div class="news_title">ASDoc documentation generation with Adobe Flash Builder, ActionScript 3, and Flex 4

Posted by dandriff on Monday June 28, 2010@10:35AM

Figuring out how to generate documention for ActionScript 3/Flex 4 code using Adobe's ASDoc tool from within Flash Builder has been quite a journey.

Helpful information:

  • All the text content in the comments must resolve to valid HTML. For example, <code>&lt;myname@example.com&gt;</code> does not validate with the SAX parser that ASDoc uses, so you would instead need to do <code>&amp;lt;myname@example.com&amp;gt;</code>. Also the character &amp; by itself is invalid, use &amp;amp; instead.
Things that didn't work:
  • The program called "ASDocr" wouldn't even install.
  • the instructions at undefined-type.com/2008/11/asdoc-with-flex-compiler/ were good, but for a
  • visiblearea.com/visdoc/
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/129405/can-i-use-doxygen-to-document-actionscript-code Basically, it's not a good idea to use DoxyGen for AS3. DoxyGen can word wonferfully for other things though..