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<div class="news_item">#397<div class="news_title">Building OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 from Sourcecode

Posted by dandriff on Saturday October 17, 2009@11:20AM

Building OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 from Source:

I want to use it with my Via EPIA M10000, with a 10.0GB laptop 2.5" IDE hard disk drive (HDD), 1GB Ram, and a D-Link AirPlus XtremeG DWL-G520 802.11b/g Wireless PCI card.

BTW, I recently had to replace several of the capacitors on the EPIA because they had burst! What a piece.

Anyways, the 50MB standard ext2-based openwrt image is too small for my purposes, so I am building it from source. The only part that I am having problems with is in the "make menuconfig" area, in "Target Images --->". I selected ext2, and then it wants the Filesystem part size (in MB) and the Maximum number of inodes in filesystem. I'm not sure what "Maximum number of inodes in filesystem" means, or what the significance is.

Wikipedia has some information on inodes:

 Inodes store information on files, such as user and group ownership,
 access mode (read, write, execute permissions) and type of file. On
 many types of file systems the number of inodes available is fixed
 at file system creation, limiting the maximum number of files the
 file system can hold. A typical fraction of space allocated for
 inodes in a file system is 1% of total size.

Alrighty then.

The only thing is that I keep getting this error on my VMWare virtual machine (Ubuntu with 1GB ram), when I run "make V=99", it quits with the following error message:

 /mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/staging_dir/host/bin/genext2fs -U -b 1536000 -I 190500 -d /mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/build_dir/mips/root-atheros/ /mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/build_dir/linux-atheros/root.ext2
 /mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/staging_dir/host/bin/genext2fs: not enough memory for filesystem
 make[5]: *** [install] Error 1
 make[5]: Leaving directory `/mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/target/linux/atheros/image'
 make[4]: *** [install] Error 2
 make[4]: Leaving directory `/mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/target/linux/atheros'
 make[3]: *** [install] Error 2
 make[3]: Leaving directory `/mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/target/linux'
 make[2]: *** [target/linux/install] Error 2
 make[2]: Leaving directory `/mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09'
 make[1]: *** [/mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09/staging_dir/mips/stamp/.target_install] Error 2
 make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/20g/openwrt/8.09'
 make: *** [world] Error 2

The interesting part being:
"not enough memory for filesystem"

How annoying.

I guess I'll just try to make it 1GB instead of 10.1GB.