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<div class="news_item">#394<div class="news_title">CurvyCorners breaks iframes with embedded Google Maps

Posted by dandriff on Sunday October 11, 2009@02:03PM

CurvyCorners breaks Google Maps embedded within an iframe of a webpage in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). After digging around the curvy corners code for awhile, I decided that it is time to try another approach.. I found [http://groups.google.com/group/curvycorners/browse_thread/thread/55459d9a3f940b2e# a post describing similar symptoms/issues], here is an excerpt:

 "I had similar issues with curvy corners essentially stepping on my
 jquery based menus as well as issues with google iframe calendars
 appearing then disappearing and whole boxes (which were rounded by
 curvy corners) working fine as hyperlinks in firefox and safari but
 totally not working in internet explorer."

 "I think it is related to when curvy corners does it's thing, when the
 rounding occurs it redraws the element selectively breaking (or
 overwriting) whatever is there when the page was initially created.
 No problems with just text but when I got more complicated than that I
 had issues."

This is exactly what I am running into! I guess I'll just ditch curvy corners for now. Bummer.

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