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<div class="news_item">#388<div class="news_title">Creative CIMR-100 Internals..

Posted by dandriff on Saturday September 12, 2009@12:42PM

After disassembling my Creative CIMR-100 Infrared Receiver, it does not appear to have much to it. A sticker saying "CIMR100 V1.0" was covering a microcontroller chip. I peeled it away to reveal a chip with the following on top of it:

 9936   A1

This piece of crap doesn't even seem to work. Under linux with lircd and it's associated utilities, all signals that it picks up from the matching remote module (CREATIVE PC-DVD Remote) look the same, no matter with button I press. Oh well, it's from CREATIVE, perhaps I should not have expected it to actually work! :)