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Posted by dandriff on Tuesday June 30, 2009@03:34PM

So last year I bought a Sharp 46" LC-46D64U (refurb) off buy.com. That television had some problems, namely 5-10 dead pixels, many stuck on red, and near the center of the screen, and the 2.5mm rca-style input did not work, at all. So Sharp replaced it with a new (<em>non-reburf</em>) identical model. It has been great! Except for the occasional color banding with low-quality dvd players and what not...I don't know which device (tv or dvd) causes the issue...anyways, blabber blabber..blabber.

I finally got a nice little home-theater computer hooked up to the television. The relevant video input connectivity options are component, HDMI, or VGA. The computers video card (Nvidia FX5-series) has both VGA and DVI outputs. What I <em>really REALLY</em> want is to run the tv at it's native 1080p resolution of 1920x1080. The video card and windows do not complain when I select the display resolution option of 1920x1080, and from Remote Administrator (radmin) I can confirm over the network that the computer is reaching the correct resolution without any problem. However, the TV will not show a picture, and says "480i" up in the right hand corner. It Is Very Frustrating! I called Sharp, the <span color:green;font-weight:bold;">*</span>representative suggested I try a DVI->HDMI adapter. Brilliant! I had been trying to get 1080p over VGA, but when he made that suggestion, I had the sudden realization that 1080p is pretty hi-rez, and thus bandwidth-intensive, and that VGA might not be able to deliver enough bandwidth to do that resolution. At least, not on this tv!

So I have to get a DVI->HDMI adapter and I should be good to go... I'll update this as things unfold.

<span color:green;font-weight:bold;">*</span>As an aside, I just wanted to note that my experience with Sharps support department has been very good (everytime). I guess it just seems kind of rare these days to find such a huge company that provides such a smooth RMA for such a huge item out where there are no Sharp Authorized Repair shops. And they don't treat you like an idiot! (as a sub-aside, it should be sub-noted that this was all on the phone; - I never got a reply of any kind for the service ticket form I submitted via their website 2+ months ago (no e-mail acknowledgement of submission w/ a id# is always a bad sign, ehhe).