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<div class="news_item">#368<div class="news_title">A story about a search for lobster pain

Posted by dandriff on Sunday May 31, 2009@01:59PM

I randomly searched for "Lobster pain". Partly it was not a randomly selected subject to query for, because I had just been discussing the health of the Lobster and Crab meat varieties with a colleague of mine (They are actually fairly or even quite healthy - Lobster has no fat..and good a good amount of protein <em>[as long as you don't soak it in butter]</em>, and Crab wasn't tooooo horrible..). Anyways, we were talking about that, and then my colleage said to me
<p>"I don't know if I could throw a lobster on the grill while it's alive though. That just seems so cruel."</p>
To which I replied:
<p>"I don't think they throw them on the grill alive!"</p>
Which then got me thinking about boiling lobsters...and hence the search, and basically the realization that their nervous systems are so simple that they don't experience pain! Wow!