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Date Title Poster
2009-01-07 USB Card Reader Driver RD0000M636101013 "Generic USB Card Reader" dandriff
2009-02-13 Siftables look really cool! dandriff
2009-02-25 Open Source Conferencing w/ Pidgin: SILC dandriff
2009-02-25 better than rsync: csync dandriff
2009-02-28 Arbitrary Floating Point Precision for Math and Numerics in Python dandriff
2009-03-04 Python Module: ipynotify dandriff
2009-03-09 Python Web-robot scraper/mech module: Mechanize dandriff
2009-03-09 The Ultimate Harassment: Chinese Maritime Harassment of U.S.N.S. Impeccable dandriff
2009-03-10 Mingw Developer Studio Disappeared from the web? Almost.. dandriff
2009-03-15 Lesson on Python Classes dandriff
2009-03-20 HOWTO: Hack a line-in/auxiliary input into a car audio system dandriff
2009-03-20 Pi is Wrong! dandriff
2009-03-25 Article: Generating Pseudo-Random Numbers in C++ dandriff
2009-04-08 Dijkstra's Shunting-Yard Algorithm: But I want both Infix and Postfix output! dandriff
2009-04-08 Stack-based Language: Factor dandriff
2009-04-20 Word of the Day: Profiteering dandriff
2009-05-07 Quest: Syncronized Network Audio dandriff
2009-05-09 Really nice two's complement binary calculator (Java-applet based online utility) dandriff
2009-05-09 Windows XP HOWTO: Add a 'run-as' context-menu option (i.e. right-click) for CMD and BAT scripts dandriff
2009-05-12 Interesting Approach to Firefox Modding dandriff
2009-05-15 A Greasemonkey script to immediately focus the search box when you load imdb.com dandriff
2009-05-18 empty dandriff
2009-05-20 Ubuntu 8.09 has an extremely slow and unresponsive/laggy GUI (Gnome Toolkit :p) dandriff
2009-05-21 scp annoyances and ultimately confusion dandriff
2009-05-21 Firefox Oddity dandriff
2009-05-22 This is why they pay me the big bucks.. dandriff
2009-05-24 Nice Windows CD-Burning / ISO-Extracting Application dandriff
2009-05-25 Finally found what I was looking for! (IBM T42 Death) dandriff
2009-05-28 Fonts..what a pain! dandriff
2009-05-28 Dimming an LCD Display with Software dandriff
2009-05-29 Are You Bugged? dandriff
2009-05-29 Follow up to the HighSlide JavaScript JS Library dandriff
2009-05-31 A story about a search for lobster pain dandriff
2009-06-03 The best universal extraction tool yet! dandriff
2009-06-05 VirtuaWin dandriff
2009-06-05 Synergy dandriff
2009-06-06 OpenWRT HowTo: Enable ICMP Ping Request Reply dandriff
2009-06-14 Nice article spilling the secrets of meteors! dandriff
2009-06-30 Sharp 46" LC-46D64U HD Computer Video Connection Woes... dandriff
2009-07-04 Vim Script Idea: Escape(CHARACTER) dandriff
2009-07-17 Some interesting Slashdot articles.. dandriff
2009-07-17 TODO: Windows Research dandriff
2009-07-19 Nmap 5.00 released! dandriff
2009-07-20 Howto: Reset Winamp V5 Preferences dandriff
2009-07-26 Good Postgresql Tip: Running Vacuum Recommended dandriff
2009-08-10 Really cool online Java decompiler dandriff
2009-08-25 A worthwhile quote regarding copyright dandriff
2009-08-25 And another one dandriff
2009-09-09 Windows 7 on Intel D865-PERL dandriff
2009-09-09 Firefox Removed Activity Indicator Annoyance (Firefox 3.5.2 and later) dandriff
2009-09-09 HOWTO: Block ads and spyware sites through OpenWRT Kamikaze dandriff
2009-09-12 Virtual Drive Software Utility for Windows 7 dandriff
2009-09-12 Creative CIMR-100 Internals.. dandriff
2009-09-14 Word of the day: Vulcanize dandriff
2009-09-17 One way to get rid of vsftpd error FAIL LOGIN dandriff
2009-09-18 Motherboard/Capacitor Quality Analysis Articles (for later reading) (this is all new to me!) dandriff
2009-09-19 All about different kinds of capacitors dandriff
2009-09-27 Devon GTX dandriff
2009-10-11 CurvyCorners breaks iframes with embedded Google Maps dandriff
2009-10-12 Bootdisk Info Site and Other Useful Downloads dandriff
2009-10-12 List of User Agents in XML Format to import into User-Agent-Switcher Firefox Add-on dandriff
2009-10-17 Building OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 from Sourcecode dandriff
2009-10-19 Psyco for Python2.6 on Windows (32-bit) dandriff
2009-10-19 mythbusters "diesel diaries" wtf dandriff
2009-10-26 1987 Porsche 959 dandriff
2009-10-26 Long Delayed Echoes dandriff
2009-10-26 Hilarity: I'm on a boat! dandriff
2009-10-26 Hilarity: Microsoft Store Photochopped picture @ engadget dandriff
2009-10-26 Adobe Photoshop .ICO icon plug-in dandriff
2009-11-01 Nice resource for .htaccess tricks and common uses dandriff
2009-11-08 New Term: Capillary Attraction dandriff
2009-11-11 Psyco V2 dandriff